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I had just finished my Sausage Mc Muffin with egg. It’s 6 am in the morning and I had been awake since 3. It’s called animalistic maternal instinct. Apparently it is something that happens to preggies to guard against nocturnal predators in the wild. And while it doesn’t make sense in today’s world, it kinda does for me. 😛 Everything makes sense these days. I remember training alot less for my concerts. Yet, for this pregnancy, I trained up to 5 days a week. Gym 3 times a week and night swims whenever. My theory is that I need to be strong to deliver. I need to be a strong mother (as usual that’s just my point of view). And somehow, I had convinced myself that it makes complete sense. The other day I saw an Indian instructor looking at me with a gaping mouth. I’m not sure what she was thinking. Then again, I’m pretty sure she didn’t know what I was thinking, waddling around a gym with my humongous belly, walking very slowly on the treadmill. Whenever someone asks how I do it, I tell them, “Actually I’m freaking tired. Haha.” With these disruptive sleep patterns and a weight gain of 12 kg, I don’t really want to be at a bloody gym! As I am approaching the final leg of this pregnancy, I know I can’t really keep up with the increasing load. I’m beginning to skip gym here and there, taking naps and long baths instead. These days, I’m happy folding little onesies and smelling the ridiculously comforting baby smell that is already on the clothes (these manufacturers are so bloody clever, infusing their products some magical milk scent!). My mobility has been halved, my legs are swollen and itchy and I can’t sit without looking somewhat vulgar. I forget appointments, leave my keys at a coffeeshop and drive like a granny. But yes I am super excited. I await with strong open arms.



上週陳建州率所屬Love Life籃球隊,赴港參加慈善賽,賽後與隊友至蘭桂坊續攤,卻在此時被拍到與店內女生的互動畫面。






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