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外國人眼中的台灣|跟著波蘭攝影師鏡頭 漫步夜晚臺北城


【看英文中國郵報學英文】來自波蘭的攝影師Przemek Krawczykowski足跡遍佈歐亞各國,包括越南、斯里蘭卡、義大利,當然還有寶島台灣。Krawczykowski待在台北期間每夜漫步在雨中朦朧的台北街頭,拍攝一系列日常夜景,名為「Taipei Nightwalk」,讓觀者看見不一樣的台北。

Przemek Krawczykowski, a photographer from Poland, has been traveling to countries in Asia and Europe including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Itay and Taiwan.

During Krawczykowski’s recent stay in Taipei, he captured a series of cityscapes at night that is mesmerizing. Named “Taipei Nightwallk,” the photos take you on a night stroll to appreciate the beauty of Taipei city.

Taipei Nightwalk 特輯一照片是由Krawczykowski在台北下雨朦朧的夜,穿梭在繁忙的街道、夜市,以鏡頭捕捉人們撐著傘小跑步的畫面。

The first series of images feature the rainy and hazy night in Taipei. The photographer spent several nights walking around Taipei busy streets and night markets of “cloudy and wet capital of Taiwan and taking pictures of the night city landscape, he wrote in his online gallery on Behance.

▲台北漫步系列1:饒河夜市 | Nightwalk: Taipei #1 Raohe Night Market。(圖/Courtesy of Behance/Przemek Krawczykowski)

▲台北漫步系列1 | Nightwalk : Taipei #1 。(圖/Courtesy of Behance/Przemek Krawczykowski)
▲台北漫步系列1 | Nightwalk : Taipei #1 。(圖/Courtesy of Behance/Przemek Krawczykowski)

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