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台東不可錯過的隱藏版景點 「龍貓公車亭」成療癒夯點



Taitung is often called a tourism hub; but, most people don’t know that there are still many understated destinations in the region. Here are two spots to visit if you want to stay away from huge crowds.


To begin with, the bus stop of the “Zhilu Bridge” at the entrance of Donghe Village Old Street, Donghe Township (Line 11), is dubbed “the most beautiful bus stop in Taiwan.”

The bench at the bus stop is made from driftwood and the roof is made of Cypress and Taitung Cycad to prevent the bus stop from overheating in the summer. The walls of the stop are made of coral stones, giving it a rustic and natural look.

Because the bus stop bears a strong resemblance to the one in Ghibli Studio’s Totoro, it’s also known as “Totoro Bus Stop”.

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