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▲太平濱海步道 (圖/IG網友yiyihahahaha提供)


As the coronavirus pandemic subsides in Taiwan, many look forward to getting out of the city once the weekend approaches to get a breath of fresh air in nature.

If you live in northern Taiwan, you should definitely head to these two beloved Instagram-worthy hidden destinations.

▲林口太平濱海步道 (圖/網友eline_0824提供)


Located at the intersection of Linkou and Bali District, the “Taiping Coastal Trail” is a secret scenic spot only locals know about. However, it didn’t stay secret for long as it was quickly placed on the map by Instagram influencers.

The path is 2.53 kilometers in length with two entrances. One can be found near the ocean at “South Bay Front” with the path heading up, and the other can be found on “Taiping Ridge,” heading down.



At the family-friendly destination, you can follow along the stone path, and enjoy the deep-blue ocean while overlooking the Taipei Port, Guanyin Mountain, the Bali Incineration Plant and the Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.

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