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免出國超夯國際觀星點 台灣最美夏季銀河就在這!


【看CP學英文】位於中台灣的合歡山多年來都是熱門賞銀河地點,去年獲國際暗天協會(International Dark-Sky Association,IDA)認證為全台第一座暗空公園,人氣更是水漲船高,成為國際觀星點。


Hehuanshan (Mount Hehuan) in central Taiwan is one of the most popular stargazing spots in Taiwan. Last year, the area was designated as the nation’s first Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).

Thanks to such international recognition, the spot has drawn countless photographers to capture the breathtaking starry night sky.


Between April and August, when the weather is stable, it’s the best time to enjoy stargazing. Hehuanshan, standing at over 3,000 meters above sea level without light pollution, features several places for hot spots.

▲合歡山馬蹄彎 | Hehuanshan horseshoe curve (Courtesy of 劉慧瑤)
▲合歡主峰 |.Hehuan main peak (Courtesy of 蔡岳樺)


The four best spots for stargazing include Kunyang Parking, Wuling Parking, the cabian at the foot of Shimenshan and the first observatory on the Hehuanshan main peak trail (Maya observatory).

▲合歡山馬雅平台|Maya observatory (Courtesy of 劉慧瑤)
▲石門山|Shimenshan (Courtesy of 劉慧瑤)
合歡山馬雅平台|Maya observatory (Courtesy of 蔡岳樺)

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