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Taiwanese travel YouTuber Jimmy recently released a series of videos about foreign backpackers traveling across the country.

On May 20, he released a video in which he brought three backpackers from Canada, Germany and the United States to explore the “Taigang Hot Springs” hidden in the mountains of Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County.


To begin with, they visited the Neiwan Old Street, a top destination to experience Hakka culture. The Old Street is full of shops and stalls selling a variety of Taiwanese and traditional Hakka food such as ginger lily-flavored glutinous rice dumpling, sausages, Lei cha, Ramune marbles soda, and more.



One of the backpackers Diego, from Canada, tried the traditional Hakka rice dumplings for the first time and found the salinity just right and the cuisine has won his heart completely.

而來自德國的Maxim則是對於彈珠汽水(Taiwanese Soda)深感興趣,好奇問道:「你們台灣人會收集這些彈珠嗎?還是就喝完這樣?」 Jimmy笑回,我小時候的確是會收集彈珠!

Another backpacker Maxim from Germany is deeply interested in Taiwanese soda. He asked: “Do you Taiwanese collect these marbles? Jimmy said excitedly that, yes, I did collect marbles when I was a kid.”


After filling their stomach, the group drove on towards one of the most remote villages in Taiwan —  Smangus. Passing by the Xiuluan tribe on the way, Jimmy decided to take the foreigners to seek the wild hot springs hidden in the mountains and experience the charm of Taiwanese hot springs.

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