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Located just off the coast of Taitung County, Green Island is Taiwan’s seventh-largest island.  Also known as “Bonfire Island,” Green Island holds an important history and culture.

As the spread of the pandemic slows down in Taiwan, “island-hopping” adventures have received the green light from Tourism authorities. So, let’s uncover the best diving sites and visit the most Insta-worthy landmarks of Green Island!

「潛」進綠島的水下伸展台 | The underwater realm of the island


A must-do event on Green island is none-other than going diving. However, as some diving spots are easier than others to navigate, it is imperative that ample research is done in order to ensure a flawless diving trip. Located off the Northern part of the island, the Chaikou diving area is the perfect destination for beginners.

With the winds blowing in from the East between June and August, it creates crystal clean waters that showcase the breathtaking views of coral reefs beneath the ocean, easily making it a beloved destination for travelers during their stay.

▲綠島十字架。(圖/IG: melodychoupei)

睡美人、哈巴狗岩和小長城 | “Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog Rock” and the “Little Great Wall”


Located on the Eastern part of the island, the “Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog Rock,” are easily recognizable by their unique appearance resulting from coastal erosion.

Legend has it that they were cursed by a witch as a couple for offending the gods and were then turned into rocks, with the Pekingese Dog guarding over the Sleeping Beauty.

If you wish to get a birds-eye view of the beautiful natural scenery, you can take a stroll up the 400m trail of the “Little Great Wall” to a small pavilion, which will give you the best angle to see the two rocks.

Along the way, you can also get a fantastic view of the snow-white beaches along the coast.

▲睡美人與哈巴狗岩 。(圖/IG: hermioneee.m)

柚子湖與彎弓洞 | Youzi Lake and the Wangong Arch


Youzi Lake is a bay on the coast. To get there, one must take a small bus and walk a short way along a small trail to arrive at the intimate location. Situated on the Northside of the island, Youzi Lake used to be a small fishing village, but as time passed and the villagers moved away, it’s now a ghost town with empty traditional houses made of coral stones.

By taking a 10-minute hike along the trail, you will arrive at the largest sea cave on the island.

Standing beneath the arch, one can hear the roar of the ocean waves and the dripping of water droplets, creating a contrasting melody of nature. If you look out, you can get a magnificent view of the rocks out in the distance and get a glimpse into the true might of nature.

▲柚子湖與彎弓洞。 (圖/交通部觀光局東部海岸國家風景區管理處官網)

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