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As the coronavirus pandemic subsides, the Taitung government announced that the tenth Taitung International Balloon Festival will run from July 11 to Aug. 30 at the Luye Highland for a total of 51 days.


Taitung Magistrate Yao Ching-Ling announced Sunday that the county would fully work on boosting the tourism during the post-pandemic period. Luckily, Taitung has reported no confirmed case so far, Yao said, adding that the county is the top destination for the nationals thanks to its beautiful scenery.

She encouraged people to start their domestic trip from Taitung.

▲台東熱氣球嘉年華7月11日登場。(圖/截圖自Youtube 《discover Taiwan hot air balloon 熱氣球》)


In addition to the balloon festival, Taitung features the “Light Display Concert” and the “Starry Taitung Night Concert,” held across the county.

If you are interested in the concerts, check out the schedule below.

【2020年臺灣國際熱氣球嘉年華光雕場次】 |  Light display concert schedule

6/27(六) 19:00 池上鄉 大坡池(端午光雕音樂會) | 7 p.m., June 27 at Dapo Pond, Chishang Township

7/11(六) 19:00 鹿野鄉 鹿野高台(開幕) | 7 p.m., July 11 at Luye Highland, Luye Township

7/18(六) 04:00 成功鎮 三仙台(曙光光雕音樂會) | 4 a.m., July 18 at Sanxiantai,

Chenggong Township

8/01(六) 04:00 太麻里鄉 太麻里曙光園區(曙光光雕音樂會) | 4 a.m., Aug. 1 at Millennium Dawn Memorial Park, Taimali Township

8/08(六) 19:00 卑南鄉 知本溫泉區 | 7 p.m., Aug. 8 at Zhiben Hot Spring, Beinan Township

8/22(六) 19:00 臺東市 臺東森林公園 | 7 p.m., Aug. 22 at Taitung Forest Park, Taitung city

8/30(日) 19:00 鹿野鄉 鹿野高台(閉幕) | 7 p.m., Aug. 30 at Luye Highland, Luye Township (Closing ceremony)

【台東最美星空音樂會場次】|”Starry Taitung Night Concert”

6/20(六)綠島鄉 | Jun. 20 at Green Island

6/26(五)海端車站 | Jun. 26 at Haiduan railway station

7/18(六)長濱鄉八仙洞 | July 18 at Baxian Caves, Changbin Township

7/24(五)東河鄉舊東河橋遊憩區 | July 24 at Old Donghe Bridge, Donghe Township

7/25(六)大武鄉尚武濱海公園 | July 25 at Dawu Coast Park, Dawu Township

8/15(六)金峰鄉高灘地棒壘球場 | Aug. 15 at the softball field, Jinfeng Township

8/21(五)關山鎮 | Aug. 21 in Guanshan Township

▲台東縣政府週日宣布年度國際熱氣球嘉年華將如期於7月11日至8月30日在鹿野高台舉辦|The Taitung government announced that the tenth Taitung International Balloon Festival would be held on July 11, lasting until Aug. 30.(圖/Youtube《discover Taiwan hot air balloon 熱氣球》)

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