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來訪台北市小秘密基地 好吃又好拍的咖啡廳在這裡!

▲Daylight Brunch Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)



Summer has arrived, making enjoying a cup of coffee or a light brunch meal at a café beneath the AC a must! Below are a few cafés that are not only #Instaworthy on a Sunday afternoon but also a delight for your tastebuds.

光合箱子|Daylight Brunch Café


Hidden in the alleys at the Chaozhou Street intersection, Daylight Brunch café welcomes you with visually appealing brunch meals. The interiors showcase a minimalistic retro vibe, and provide dishes like “Italian Pork with Red Wine” and “Popcorn Chicken.”

▲Daylight Brunch Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 台北市大安區潮州街93號 台北市大安區潮州街93號,郵編106 | No. 93, Chaozhou Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106 | 電話 | Telephone:02 2322 5703

好鄰居|Neighbors Café


Neighbors Café has an aesthetically pleasing and spacious atmosphere, which is perfect for an occasional meetup with friends — on the second floor, with pastel-tone decorations all over the white walls. The signature dish would be the quiche and is the perfect combination of a buttery crust and light sour cream. Yummy!

▲Neighbors Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 台北市士林區111號 台北市士林區中山北路六段111號430號2F | 111, Taipei City, Shilin District, Section 6, Zhongshan North Road, 430號2F | 電話|Telephone:02 2874 2901 |

穿越九千公里交給你 甜點咖啡舖 | Laundry and Coffee

在松山區小巷裡的「穿越九千公里交給你 甜點咖啡舖」,是台北唯一一間能夠邊與浣熊玩耍,邊在洗衣機布景前拍照的咖啡館。除了能在這享受美味的早午餐外,你也能提前預約來近距離的觀賞玻璃窗房間內的浣熊。

Located in an alley around the quiet Songshan district, the café is the only place in Taipei where you can play with raccoons while taking pictures with a washing machine as the backdrop.

Other than the tasty brunch meals on offer, the restaurant lets you get a close-up view of the raccoons behind a glass window room within the cafe. However, those wishing to do so will have to schedule beforehand.

▲Laundry and Coffee (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 105台北市松山區民權東路三段160巷19號16號 | No. 16, Alley 19, Lane 160, Section 3, Minquan East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

覺旅咖啡|Journey Kaffe


Located in Neihu District, Journey Kaffe is a spacious open floor space that embodies elements of a do-it-yourself kitchen, quiet study area, as well as a self-service food bar. The café offers a variety of American cuisine, ranging from rich chocolate cake to a healthy green chicken salad.

▲Journey Kaffe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 台北市內湖區陽光街321巷42號 114台北市內湖區陽光街321巷42號 | No. 42, Lane 321, Yangguang Street, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114 |  電話|Telephone: 02 8752 6606

來吧咖啡|Light Bar Café

來吧咖啡館以巨大的玻璃窗迎客,咖啡廳本身也帶有一股平靜、庸懶的氣息。咖啡館有三層樓,每張桌子之間有​​足夠的間距。來吧咖啡館的料理味道十足,咖啡館甚至允許顧客連接免費WIFI,是 一個很適合學生念書的好地點。

Light Bar Café welcomes you with its huge glass windows and a calming atmosphere. The café has three floors, with adequate spacing between each table. The food tastes authentic and homemade, and the cafe even allows customers to connect to free WIFI, it is perfect for students looking for a quiet place to study.

▲Light Bar Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 北市大安區信義路三段134巷12號 台北市大安區信義路三段134巷12號 | No. 12, Lane 134, Section 3, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106 | 電話|Telephone: 02 2709 3843

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