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來訪台北市小秘密基地 好吃又好拍的咖啡廳在這裡!

▲Daylight Brunch Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)


Summer has arrived, making enjoying a cup of coffee or a light brunch meal at a café beneath the AC a must! Below are a few cafés that are not only #Instaworthy on a Sunday afternoon but also a delight for your tastebuds.

光合箱子|Daylight Brunch Café


Hidden in the alleys at the Chaozhou Street intersection, Daylight Brunch café welcomes you with visually appealing brunch meals. The interiors showcase a minimalistic retro vibe, and provide dishes like “Italian Pork with Red Wine” and “Popcorn Chicken.”

▲Daylight Brunch Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 台北市大安區潮州街93號 台北市大安區潮州街93號,郵編106 | No. 93, Chaozhou Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106 | 電話 | Telephone:02 2322 5703

好鄰居|Neighbors Café


Neighbors Café has an aesthetically pleasing and spacious atmosphere, which is perfect for an occasional meetup with friends — on the second floor, with pastel-tone decorations all over the white walls. The signature dish would be the quiche and is the perfect combination of a buttery crust and light sour cream. Yummy!

▲Neighbors Cafe (Photo courtesy of Laura Hsu)

地址|How to get there? | 台北市士林區111號 台北市士林區中山北路六段111號430號2F | 111, Taipei City, Shilin District, Section 6, Zhongshan North Road, 430號2F | 電話|Telephone:02 2874 2901 |

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