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Located in Da’an District Taipei, the Historical Grand Courtyard (大院子) was founded during the Japanese occupation era during which it served as a dormitory for teachers and professors. After a fire destroyed the building in 2013, however, it was restored as a restaurant and art gallery in 2018, taking on the name “Grand Courtyard” (大院子).

▲大院子門口招牌|The sign by the entrance to the Historical Grand Courtyard. (Courtesy of Spencer)


The courtyard offers a variety of culinary options, including Red Wine Beef Stew, Yellow Chicken Curry and Rib Eye Steak. These meals also come in sets, which offer a daily soup, salad and tea. Deserts such as lemon tart and apple pie are also offered.

▲紅酒燉牛肉|Red Wine Beef Stew(Courtesy of Spencer)


The restaurant is surrounded by glass walls that provide great natural lighting. The atmosphere is ideal for picnics and afternoon teas.

▲餐廳內自然採光|The restaurant is surrounded by glass walls, which provide great natural lighting. (Courtesy of Spencer)


The building itself is a quaint one, combining medieval and modern materials. The stone path leading up to the restaurant is also quite picturesque, offering a good backdrop for those who may wish to take a picture.

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