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Since traveling abroad this summer is no longer an option, many Taiwan residents are striving to find new travel destinations to visit in Taiwan. Here are three #Instaworthy attractions that will wow your mind (and your Instagram followers):

宜蘭伯朗大道|Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue


“Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue” is a golden yellow rice field known as the “Yilan Brown Road” by netizens. The destination earns its name when its rice fields began turning yellow each June.

▲宜蘭伯朗大道|Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue (Courtesy of IG/@philoschen)
▲宜蘭伯朗大道|Dongshan Mr. Brown Avenue (Courtesy of IG/@yuyu__0114)

How to get there? | 地址|Address:宜蘭縣冬山鄉三奇村三奉路77號(奉尊宮旁).|No. 77, Sanfeng Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County, 269

冬山河生態綠洲|Dongshan River Ecoark


“Dongshan River Ecological Oasis” is an environmentally friendly travel attraction. The park covers an area of roughly 16 hectares and has a broad view of the Dongshan River.

▲冬山河生態綠洲|Dongshan River Ecoark(Courtesy of IG/@lineva0615)


The destination hosts large-scale activities, such as dragon boating, and even provides you with bicycles to ride along the river shore. The attraction is suitable for families with little children to visit.

▲冬山河畔夕陽|Sunset captured at the Dongshan Riverside. (Courtesy of IG/@ancer14)

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