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Traveling abroad is no longer an option for many since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. This shouldn’t stop you from having fun during the holidays though! Here are three spots in Yunlin that are perfect to relax and get the most #Instaworthy pictures!

千巧谷牛樂園牧場|Chan Chau Ku Happy Moo Ranch

▲千巧谷牛樂園牧場。(Photo courtesy of Instagram@xin.0915)


A five-star cattle farm located in Lunbei Township (崙背鄉), “Chan Chau Ku Happy Moo Ranch” doesn’t require you to pay an entrance fee. It offers child-friendly sandpits, colorful walls and baking workshops. You can also feed the cattle grazing on the farm, making it the perfect location for a fun-filled family vacation.

▲千巧谷牛樂園牧場是個小孩大人都能泡一整天的好玩景點。(Photo courtesy of Facebook/千巧谷牛樂園牧場)

How to get there?| Address: 雲林縣崙背鄉東興路182之32號 | No. 182-32, Dongxing, Lunbei Township, Yunlin County | 營業時間|Opening hours: 9:00 ~ 21:00

華山小天梯和情人橋|Huashan Creek Suspension Bridge & Lovers Bridge

▲華山小天梯、情人橋。(Photo courtesy of Instagram @hiimpoca)


This romantic suspension bridge is very suitable for couples because it only allows for two people to walk at the same time! Surrounded by nature and towering trees, the walk is not too difficult and kids can easily complete the trip by themselves. It’s the perfect place to get away from crowded tourist sites and enjoy a nice family trip!

How to get there? | Address: 雲林縣古坑鄉華山2鄰19之6號前方步道 | The path is a little way beyond No. 19-6, Huashan, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County

五年千歲公園|Park Chitose Five Years

▲五年千歲公園。(Photo courtesy of Instagram @molly888666)


The largest temple theme park in Taiwan, “Park Chitose Five Years” offers a variety of trails. The park, roughly based on the concept of the “Long Futu Temple” (龍馬負圖寺) from China, is filled with large monuments, ranging from buddhas to lotus fountains. One of the most popular places to grab a picture is most definitely the “Rainbow Bridge” from which, you can see the beauty of the entire park and appreciate its intricate designs.

How to get there? | 雲林縣褒忠鄉鎮安路31號 |No. 31, Zhen’an Rd., Baozhong Township, Yunlin County | 營業時間|Opening hours: 8:00 ~ 17:00

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