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台南最夯爆紅網美景點 「巨人國」夢幻景點就在這



Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tainan is more popular than ever.

Among other destinations, a secret treehouse in Tainan, often described as the “Home of Hulk,” has quickly become popular among Instagrammers.


This green house is hidden beside the Tainan Xinhua Golf Course (台南新化高爾夫球場). The abandoned house is partly covered with ivy, which makes it a unique work of nature.

▲綠巨人浩克的家|‘Home of Hulk(Courtesy of IG @molly888666)


When you look at the building from a distance, it looks a bit like an old-fashioned seaweed pancake. The model in front of the house seems to have broken into the giant world.

▲綠巨人浩克的家|Home of Hulk(Courtesy of IG @in_333)

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