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Miaoli is a perfect destination for Instagrammers and amateur photographers. Its scenic spots and photographic attractions make for the perfect photoshoot! Here are a few #Instaworthy destinations everyone has to visit:

莫內秘密花園|Monet’s Secret Garden


Known for its outdoor scenery and popularity among wedding photographers, “Monet’s Secret Garden” is a great destination for lovebirds. The garden is divided into five major theme landscapes, with more than 50 scenes in each category.


後龍 海角樂園|Cape Paradise


“Cape Paradise,” with its observatory and windmill, is a comfortable, alluring destination to visit to. Typically, you can visit the park for a walk during the holidays to enjoy the sunset and sea breeze. During the summer, bright orange and yellow chrysanthemums are in full bloom. The fields of flowers are perfect for a sunny, vibrant Instagram photo.


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