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YouTube平台上有不少影片記錄台灣,分享寶島的美,其中,標題為「福爾摩沙台灣|旅遊電影」(Taiwan Formosa | Cinematic Travel Film)更是脫穎而出,媲美電影的剪輯、絕美的運境、風景,吸引了各國網友關注。

There are many videos on YouTube documenting the beauty of Taiwan, and one of them, titled “Taiwan Formosa | Cinematic Travel Film,” stands out for its cinematic editing, camera movements and beautiful scenery.

The video has successfully caught the attention of people from all over the world.

The China Post特別訪問到這支3分半短片創作者之一David Peng。David Peng和共同創作者Benjamin Wu的背景相似,皆出生於台灣,後來跟著家人移民加拿大,自小在異國長大的他們,雖然出生在台灣,每三、四年會回台探訪親戚,但對這塊土地卻感到生疏。

The China Post asked David Peng, one of the creators of the 3.5-minute film, about his creative journey. Both David Peng and co-creator Benjamin Wu share a similar background, they were born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada with their families.

They visit their relatives in Taiwan every three to four years, even though they feel alienated from this land.

「我跟我朋友感同身受,覺得台灣就是我們的家,但卻不熟 ,所以我們想要更深入了解我們的家鄉,」David 說道。

“My friends and I feel the same way,” David said. “We feel that Taiwan was our home even though we don’t know it very well, so we wanted to know more about our homeland!”


They share the same passion for photography and have become good friends.

With a similar background, they decided to present the beauty of the Island through the lens of their camera to reacquaint themselves with this beautiful land.

At the same, they intended to let the world know the gem on the eastern side of the Pacific Island.

▲台裔加拿大攝影師David Peng作品,左至右分別攝於玉山主峰、烏嘎彥竹林、深澳象鼻岩|From left to right, Yushan main peak, Tai’an Bamboo forest, Shen’ao Elephant Trunk Rock)(Courtesy of David Peng)

「我們決定在2018年回台灣環島,探索每個台灣的角落 ,記錄下每個片段與回憶。」

“We decided to return to Taiwan in 2018 to explore every corner of the island and capture every moment and memory,” David said.

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