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Located in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County, the Tung An Bridge has become one of the most popular i#Instaworthy spots in northern Taiwan. The five-arch shape old bridge features rustic piers spanning over the Niulan River.


Designed by a famous Japanese architect, the bridge, made of local calcite stone, was built during the Japanese rule era (1927).

The delicate craftsmanship has made the rare five-arch bridge strong enough to withstand the hardships of the past century. It is now an important gateway connecting the Guanxi center and Dongan.

▲東安古橋|Tung An Bridge (Courtesy of Instagram @t_____a_____n_____g 、@chengchengerl)


The Old Bridge, known as one of the eight scenic spots in Guanxi, is located in the Niulanhe Riverside Park, where is perfect for a family to take a stroll along the riverbank on weekends!

After strolling through the Park, Guanxi town is also home to many historical buildings worth visiting, such as Guanxi Old Street, Taihe Temple, Zheng’s Ancestral Hall, Guanxi First Theater and so on.


In the summer heat, when you visit Guanxi, the home of grass jelly, don’t forget to have a refreshing bowl of grass jelly to beat the heat!

How to get there? | 新竹縣關西鎮中山東路距中山東路口約100公尺|Zhongshan East Road, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County

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