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Because of COVID-19, traveling abroad is no longer deemed safe. As people become frustrated at being cooped up, airports have begun hosting “mock travel” experiences to cater to the publics’ needs.

However, as that still requires a bit of a fee, here are three locations you can visit that look just like places abroad but cost way less to visit right here in Taiwan!

▲崇德瑩農場 (From left to right, photos courtesy of @________531.y/@_blairchen/@___waguania___/Instagram)

「台版紐西蘭」— 崇德瑩農場 | ‘Little New Zealand’ — Chongde Farm


The Chongde Farm (崇德瑩農場) is known as Taiwan’s “Little New Zealand” and is located next to the Liwu River (立霧溪) in the Xiulin Township (秀林鄉) of Hualien County. This location offers you a breathtaking view, including beautiful mountains, vast rivers, wide grasslands, and incredible ocean sceneries.

There is even a two-story cafe where you can rest your feet and enjoy aboriginal cuisine. The farm also has many animals including lambs, ponies, horses, and even ducks. Animal lovers can head to a small vendor next to the stables to purchase carrots and grass to feed the animals. This farm also has ATVs, paragliders, and camping vans to make your trip even more fun!

▲崇德瑩農場 (Photo courtesy of @yuyu219/Instagram)

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