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When you think of Kaohsiung Shoushan (formerly known as Chaishan), a mountain in Gushan District, some vibrant monkeys, a spectacular rocky shore and cave scenery immediately come to mind.

Why not plan a nature trip up and down the mountain and enjoy the sea view this weekend? Here are four #Instaworthy spots you should to visit.

柴山秘境——海蝕洞 | Chaishan coastline sea cave


The west coast of Taiwan is mostly sandy terrains, but only Kaohsiung Gushan’s coast is dominated by a rocky shore with beautiful scenery of natural caves, coral reefs and limestone rocks.

Therefore, the section of the coast is often compared to the “A-Lang-Yi Historical Trail” that has retained complete and rich ecological resources in eastern Taiwan.

Among them, the “Chaishan Sea Cave” located in the northern part of the coast, featuring a spectacular sea view, has become a must-visit scenic spot for tourists in recent years.

▲柴山秘境——海蝕洞 | Chaishan coastline sea cave (Courtesy of IG/


The limestone cave is a 5-minute walk away from the trail in front of the Ocean Corner Café (海角咖啡). As you arrive, you will see a large rock in the middle of the cave, making it an excellent photo stage.

In addition, there is a small cave entrance on the left side of the cave. When you go through the small cave, there is a “small bay” where you can sit and listen to the sea and enjoy the summer coastal scenery.

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