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Japanese media have reported a strange phenomenon called “Taiwan nostalgia” to describe those who are eager to travel to Taiwan but can’t.

Most people have canceled their travel plans this year as a result of the pandemic so the Taiwan Tourism Bureau reportedly organized a “make-belief overseas trip to Taiwan” for Japanese people longing for our natural landscapes and mouthwatering cuisines.

But, what should you do if you are in Taiwan and miss traveling to Japan? Here are three #Instaworthy spots in central Taiwan to satisfy your “Japan nostalgia”!

▲桂花巷藝術村  | Photos courtesy of @shie0821/Instagram (left) and @clairelin615 /Instagram (right)

鹿港桂花巷藝術村|Lukang Artists Village


The Lukang Artists Village in Lugang Old Street, Changhua, was formerly a Japanese dormitory during the occupation, but it has since been renovated and turned into an art exhibition area.

The colorful lanterns are a great way to take beautiful photos day and night. In addition, there are also beautiful old Japanese houses on “Lantern Street” that form an incredibly romantic backdrop for the best photo-ops.

How to get there? | 彰化縣鹿港鎮洛津里桂花巷7號 | No. 7, Guihua Ln., Lukang Township, Changhua County 505

▲成美文化園(Photos courtesy of @isping1018/Instagram)

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