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伊朗廚師煲湯不分晝夜 端出冠軍台式牛肉麵!




“After boiling beef marrow bones, you will find the bones break down in broth after a prolonged cook,” says David, owner of Laowai Yipin Beef Noodle Restaurant. This is his secret recipe to make the delicious beef noodle soup.

Every morning, the chef boils the soup himself and transforms it into a milky broth.

With this pure love of cooking, David from Iran is a regular winner of the Taipei International Beef Noodle Competition.


When David was a student, he worked as an apprentice in an Iranian restaurant during the vacations. After serving in the army, David decided to step out of his comfort zone and become a backpacker, traveling 6,565 kilometers from Iran to Taiwan in 1996.

He told NOWnews in an exclusive interview that when he first arrived, he was attracted by the food, the life, the prosperity, so he has stayed here for over 20 years!

▲來自伊朗的David賣自己最喜歡吃的紅燒牛肉麵養家活口|To make a living, he decided to sell his favorite beef noodles. (NOWnews)


To make a living, he decided to sell his favorite beef noodles. Talking about his self-made recipe, he showed excitement for his dishes, even if he works more than 12 hours a day.

“Doing what you love, you won’t regret it no matter how hard you work,” he said.

▲David對湯汁特別講究,每日工作堅持將牛大骨熬成乳白湯汁。| David insists on boiling the beef marrow bones down to a milky broth every day. (NOWnews)


David added Iranian spices to the Taiwanese braised beef noodle, which is usually made with bean paste, soy sauce, and herbs.

Laowai Yipin Beef Noodle is a combination of Taiwanese and Middle Eastern specialties.

It’s like David and his wife’s meeting. Even though their skin and language are different, they still cherish and love each other and have been holding hands for over 20 years.

▲David的「老外牛肉麵」是結合台灣與中東特殊風味的牛肉麵,香料飄著波斯風味 | Laowai Yipin Beef Noodle is a combination of Taiwanese and Middle Eastern specialties. (NOWnews)


David once chatted with a German friend who thought America was a paradise after coming to the U.S., and David immediately retorted, “You are all wrong, Taiwan is the (paradise) place!”


He pointed out that Taiwan has convenience stores, night markets, and KTVs that are open 24 hours a day, making life exciting.

He strongly recommended foreigners to come to Taiwan to take a look at this “nice place with nice people” and have a bowl of “Laowai’s beef noodles”.

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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