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As the weather turns cooler in autumn, why not take a trip to Guanziling, Baihe District, Tainan this weekend to indulge in a hot spring bath and enjoy some delicious foods.

The annual Guanziling Hot Spring Festival (關子嶺溫泉美食節), which runs from now until Oct. 31, features a retro party, a light and shade themed park, a monster-themed park, and a holiday market selling a variety of local delights!

▲寶泉橋 |  Baoquan Bridge (Courtesy of  @beckhamhong66/Instagram)


At night, the red lanterns on both sides of Guanziling Old Street emit a warm light, illuminating the street like in a scene of “Spirited Away.”

▲關子嶺老街 | Guanziling Old Street at night (Courtesy of @beckhamhong66/Instagram)
▲關子嶺老街 | Guanziling Old Street during the day (Courtesy of @hongruru0526/Instagram)


What’s more? The “Guanziling Xianyun Bridge” (關子嶺閑雲橋) at the entrance of the old street is another must-see destination.

This wooden bridge, which has a history of more than a hundred years, is a must-see for the literati who used to hike up the mountain for a dip.

▲關子嶺閑雲橋 |Guanziling Xianyun Bridge (Courtesy of @hongruru0526/Instagram)
▲關子嶺閑雲橋 | Guanziling Xianyun Bridge (Courtesy of @beckhamhong66/Instagram)

關子嶺閑雲橋地址: 臺南市732白河區關子嶺11之12號  |  No. 11-12, Tainan City, Baihe District


If a visit is paid to the temple, you can enjoy a dip in the nearby hot springs, including the “Guanziling Mud Hot Springs” (關子嶺溫泉) which are highly recommended for their panoramic view of the town and mountain ridges.


The area is divided into four separate pools of mineral-rich water, each varying in temperature.

Even more exciting, visitors may choose between the two clear-water springs or the two mud springs…or enjoy all of them!

Either way, the muddy spring water is so soothing, it’ll give your skin that nice, “baby-soft” texture and glow.

10/17 關嶺光影樂園 |  Light and shade themed park
活動時間:10/17(六) 19:00~21:00 | Date: Oct. 17, 7-9 p.m.
活動地點:寶泉橋溫泉公園 | Location: Baoquan Park

10/24關嶺復古派對 | Retro party
活動時間:10/24(六) 19:00~21:00 | Date: Oct. 24, 7-9 p.m.
活動地點:統茂溫泉會館旁 | Toong Mao Resorts & Hotels

10/31 萬聖妖怪溫泉樂園 | Holloween monster hot spring-themed park

活動時間:10/31(六) 18:00~21:00 | Date: Oct. 31, 6-9 p.m.
活動地點:寶泉橋溫泉公園 | Baoquan Park

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