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As the weather turns cooler in autumn, why not take a trip to Guanziling, Baihe District, Tainan this weekend to indulge in a hot spring bath and enjoy some delicious foods.

The annual Guanziling Hot Spring Festival (關子嶺溫泉美食節), which runs from now until Oct. 31, features a retro party, a light and shade themed park, a monster-themed park, and a holiday market selling a variety of local delights!

▲寶泉橋 |  Baoquan Bridge (Courtesy of  @beckhamhong66/Instagram)


At night, the red lanterns on both sides of Guanziling Old Street emit a warm light, illuminating the street like in a scene of “Spirited Away.”

▲關子嶺老街 | Guanziling Old Street at night (Courtesy of @beckhamhong66/Instagram)
▲關子嶺老街 | Guanziling Old Street during the day (Courtesy of @hongruru0526/Instagram)


What’s more? The “Guanziling Xianyun Bridge” (關子嶺閑雲橋) at the entrance of the old street is another must-see destination.

This wooden bridge, which has a history of more than a hundred years, is a must-see for the literati who used to hike up the mountain for a dip.

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