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When it comes to Taipei’s Maokong, the first thing that comes to your mind may be taking a gondola ride and sampling some tea.

There are many other natural attractions in the Maokong area though, including Potholes suspension bridge, Zhangshu trail, Zhangshan temple and Mingde temple’s lookout, making it the best weekend getaway destination.


In line with the local tea maker, the Taipei City Government has planned five routes for tourists to explore the beauty of Maokong.


You can take a ride on the Gondola to Maokong, stroll along the ” Zhangshu trail” and take #Instaworthy photos in front of the lake. What’s more? Every year, between February and March, pink and purple lupine flowers are in full blossom.

There are also art installations along the rural road that is perfect for a family trip. The nearby “Yinhe Cave” is a must-see.

▲貓空纜車 | Maokong Gondola (Courtesy of Taipei city government/Taipei Walker)


After years of renovations, the “Maokong Soil and Water Conservation Park” is a place where you can take stunning photos from the staired walkway among the tea plantation.

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