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暖黃燈光點亮排排木質攤位 高質感文青風夜市進駐台中




The Foodie Market, known as the most beautiful night market in Taiwan, is moving to Caowu Square, Taichung. The new market will start trial operation on Nov. 14.

The famous Taichung landmark announced earlier this month that the popular square will be officially closed on Nov. 1.


The Foodie Market already shared a series of 3D conceptual pictures of the future market to Facebook on Oct. 16.

▲富地市場的3D場景示意圖。| 3D conceptual pictures of the new Foodie Market. (Courtesy of Foodie Market/Facebook)


Inspired by Japanese manga “Shin’ya Shokudō, the market features wooden stalls, art installations, and strings of light bulbs hanging above the alleys.

When the sun comes down, the market is lit up, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

▲富地市場的3D場景示意圖。| 3D conceptual pictures of the foodie market. (Courtesy of Foodie Market/Facebook)


The Foodie Market invited booths to join the market and build the most beautiful night market in a Facebook post on Oct. 20. 

The Japanese-style market officially opened on July 17 in the Yizhong night market but within three months, it was closed and set to move to Caowu Square, the most popular weekend spot in Taichung.

▲富地市場7月17才在台中益民商圈正式開幕 | Foodie market officially opened in the Yizhong night market in July. (Courtesy of Foodie Market/Facebook)

How to get there? | 地址:臺中市台中市西區英才路534號 | No. 534, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City, 403

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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