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Kaohsiung is well-known for its many tourist attractions, such as the Pier-2 Art Center, Taroko Park and Love River. Taiwan’s second largest city also has many hidden hot spots that are very popular, yet low-key; some of which are so mysterious that even some locals are unaware of.

▲傑克撞球館 | Jack Billiards Professional Pool Center (Photos courtesy of @sue__u (left) and @phiteao (right)/Instagram)

傑克撞球館 | Jack Billiards Professional Pool Center


How does the seemingly normal billiard pool center manage to gain such traction?


The moment you walk into the Jack Billiards Professional Pool Center, which is tucked along the alley, you will be surprised by the “otherworldly” impression it creates. It is as spectacular and retro as the Tower of Babel.

As long as you find a good angle, you can easily take pictures of various actions as if you were performing difficult stunts. Apart from taking pictures, you can also play pool with friends and enjoy a good time at a moderate cost.

地址|How to get there :高雄市三民區鼎山街566-17號|No. 566-17, Dingshan St., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City | 電話|Phone: 07-395-2445

▲安樂樓 |An Yue Building (Photos courtesy of (left) and @molly_____fan (right)/Instagram)

安樂樓 |An Yue Building


Built in the 1930s, the An Yue Building has experienced the vicissitudes of life. It represented the glorious history of the local theater and restaurant during the Japanese colonial period.

This place has long been deserted, but after becoming the filming location of Golden Bell Award-winning drama “A Touch of Green,” fans have flocked back to this place and turned the building into a hot spot for #Instaworthy photos.


One cannot help but wonder what mesmerizing stories and youthful memories once took place on the narrow aisles and old stone stairs upon leading into the building.

The glorious, bustling past forms a stark contrast with the mottled facade of building exuding desolation today.

地點|How to get there:高雄市林園區林園北路91號|Linyuan N. Rd., Linyuan Dist., Kaohsiung City

▲漯底山自然公園 |Ta Di Mountain Natural Park (Photos courtesy of @winny_sun (left) and @tries.216 (right)/Instagram)

漯底山自然公園 |Ta Di Mountain Natural Park


Known as the “miniature Moon World”, Ta Di Mountain Natural Park is the high point of the Mituo district (彌陀區).

The area was once a military stronghold and wasn’t open to the public until 2006 with the establishment of Ta Di Mountain Natural Park.


Thanks to the military protection, the natural landscape has been preserved in its most pristine form, with lush rolling hills.

There are also many trails in the park where you can walk on, to enjoy the badlands from various angles.

There is also a suspension bridge that leads to an observation deck that was overhauled with a military fortress. The observation deck is a perfect spot to have a bird’s eye view of the Gangshan District.


The park also preserves a lot of military equipment, such as sentry posts. Being renovated by the government, the public are now able to take adorable photos with the military relics while admiring the military’s efforts in defending our nation.

地址|How to get there:高雄市彌陀區漯底里山頂路 | Shanding Rd., Mituo Dist., Kaohsiung City

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