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Trees quietly get rid of green leaves and turn red, announcing the arrival of fall. Aren’t you curious about where the best places to visit this season?

鰲峰山景觀平台 | Ao-Feng Hill Viewing Platform


Located in Qingshui District, Ao-Feng Hill Viewing Platform has gained populariy due to its grandstand view. There’s a white pavilion seated in the middle of the first viewing platform, where tourists are able to sit or take gorgeous photos.

Another white semi-circle platform offers an unobstructed view of the ocean and a spectacular view, especially at night. In addition, bar stools on the platform allow you to chat and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

▲鰲峰山景觀平台 Ao-Feng Hill Viewing Platform | Photo courtesy of @xfengliang/Instagram

地址|How to get there :台中市清水區鰲海路70號|No. 70, Aohai Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City

▲泰安落羽松新秘境 Tai-an Bald Cypress | Photo courtesy of @huangmomomo (left) and @moon_haha (right)/Instagram

泰安落羽松新秘境 | Tai-an Bald Cypress


When the leaves of Bald Cypress turn red, it will be a pity if you miss such an amazing landscape! Walking into the bald cypress, the beauty and the sense of romance it gives off will definitely rock your world.

Situated in the downtown of Houli District, Tai-an Bald Cypress is highly accessible, unlike other bald cypress sites.

▲泰安落羽松新秘境 Tai-an Bald Cypress | Photos courtesy of @vita_lin9/Instagram

地址|How to get there :台中市后里區安眉路26-9號|No. 26-9, Anmei Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

▲藏寶莊園 Far Far Away Kingdom | Photos courtesy of @lan_82 (left) and @vickyy.1992 (right)/Instagram

藏寶莊園 |Far Far Away Kingdom


Dubbed as the “mirror to the sky”, Far Far Away Kingdom sits in Jiutongshan.

This dreamlike kingdom provides camping sites, afternoon tea service, and most attractively, the rooftop observation deck, which has gone viral on the Internet because of the captivating sea of clouds and the night scene.

The observation deck is a perfect spot for artistic #Instaworthy photos.

地址|How to get there :台中市太平區山田路長青巷23-1號|No. 23-1, Changqing Ln., Shantian Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City | 電話|Phone: 0978-360-635

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