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Most people in Taiwan are relatively familiar with Hayao Miyazaki’s incredible movies. However, if you assume this article is about introducing the beauty of Jiufen Old Street, then you are mistaken. Today, we’ll unveil a hidden spot in Houli District, Taichung called “Tunnel No. 8.”

后里 八號隧道 圳磚橋|Houli Tunnel No. 8 & Zhen Zhuan Qiao


The location of No.8 Tunnel is rather secluded as the old railway has been abandoned for more than 100 years without any further destruction.

To get to the location, you will need to wander through the overgrown-weed path toward Zhen Zhuan Qiao (圳磚橋). The mottled bricks and the rapid Houli canal beneath it form magnificent scenery.

▲Zhen Zhuan Qiao (Photos courtesy of @aves_hsiao (left) and @wangjessicaw (right)/Instagram)


Roughly 200 meters away is the Houli Tunnel No. 8. The tunnel may look unassuming with an air of mystery, yet if you continue to go straight ahead, you’ll soon see the exit.

Comparing the world on the other side of the tunnel to the Garden of Eden is no understatement. The lively, otherworldly view stood in sharp contrast with the dark, humid tunnel.

Tunnel No.8 also bears a striking resemblance to the tunnel featured in the movie “Spirited Away”, where the young protagonist Chihiro Ogino(千尋) wandered through and has attracted numerous fans.

▲Houli Tunnel No. 8. (Photo courtesy of @wanshan.lin (left) and @yiyi.0221 (right)/Instagram)

地址|How to get there :台中市后里區永興路21號|No. 21, Yongxing Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

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