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Still looking for your “Prince Charming” or Princess? Then head to the castle situated halfway up the mountain in Guanxi, Hsinchu to realize your dream with a fairy tale backdrop!

佛陀世界|Buddha World

▲佛陀世界|Buddha World (Photos courtesy of @haataai (left) and @shanshan_qq (right)/Instagram)


Buddha World used to be an amusement park, but after its closure decades ago, this dream-like place was taken over by the World Buddha Association, giving you the opportunity to take a glimpse into the elegant and alluring castle.

▲佛陀世界|Buddha World (Photos courtesy of @carideeliu (left) and @yang.fu.ju (right)/Instagram)


Situated on higher ground, Buddha World is a remarkable spot to admire the entire Shihmen Reservoir. Walking along the stairs, you’ll soon arrive at the castle.

Mottled and cloud-capped, the castle is so medieval, visitors will feel as if they were transported back a thousand years.

▲佛陀世界|Buddha World (Photos courtesy of @r.ii.s.a (left) and @ cst81218 (right)/Instagram)


There are also vestiges of the amusement park, so visitors can explore it to their hearts’ content. The abandoned amusement park and its past history have been left up to the people’s imagination to reignite its past spark.

地址|How to get there :新竹縣關西鎮大竹坑23號|No. 23, Dazhukeng, Guanxi Township, Hsinchu County

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