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As 2020 was a year full of challenges and uncertainties, everyone must still be under a tremendous amount of pressure.

In this case, the Chinese New Year break is undoubtedly a time to recharge both mentally and physically. The following three spots in Nantou will assuredly usher in hope and energy for the brand new Year of Ox.

▲銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @chu.chu_annie/Instagram)

銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest


Besides its recreation area, Ginko Forest is a major enjoyable attraction.

Located on Dalunshan, Ginko Forest features breathtaking landscape and family-friendly hiking trails.

▲銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @yung_ting/Instagram)


Strolling through the forest and tea plantations enveloped in fog and cloud, you would unconsciously transform into a state of relaxation as if you’ve entered a yellow fairyland.

There is also a restaurant serving fresh Gingko tea and a healthy hot pot to satiate your hunger after the hike.

▲銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @taki788778/Instagram)
▲銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @wendymomo1209/Instagram)
▲銀杏森林 |Ginko Forest (Courtesy of @miss_sockk/Instagram)

地址|How to get there :南投縣鹿谷鄉羊彎巷800-1號|No. 800-1, Yangwan Ln., Lugu Township, Nantou County


拜訪南投車程的必訪景點非「隱茶」莫屬了!位於貯木池畔邊的隱茶STEAM 是一棟具50多年歷史的日式建築,四周雲霧迷濛的群山與灑落池畔的陽光相輝映,如畫一般的景色十分迷人,可媲美日本著名景點「金閣寺」。

When it comes to Checheng, Nantou, “STEAM “is a must-visit spot that has more than 50 years of history located nearby the timber-pond.

The Japanese-style wooden building accompanied by misty mountains and sunlight falling on the pond, STEAM is on a par with the well-known “Kinkaku-ji Temple” in Japan.

▲隱茶 STEAM |STEAM (Courtesy of @madeinalbee928/Instagram)
▲隱茶 STEAM |STEAM (Courtesy of @misaki_yang/Instagram)

隱茶 STEAM的魔力在於給人一種平靜的安穩感,是個周末抒發壓力的好去處。

The magical power of STEAM lies in the sense of peace and stability it exudes, rendering it the perfect weekend getaway place.

▲隱茶 STEAM |STEAM (Courtesy of @secretjump1125/Instagram)

地址|How to get there :南投縣水里鄉民權巷101-3號|No. 101-3, Minquan Ln., Shuili Township, Nantou County

虎頭山觀景台 |Houtou Mountain Deck


Houtou Mountain Deck is the best place to round off the tour to Nantou. Houtou Mountain is a famous base for paragliding so make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity if you’re an adventure seeker.

▲虎頭山觀景台 |Houtou Mountain Deck (Courtesy of @emilycute7bear/Instagram)
▲虎頭山觀景台 |Houtou Mountain Deck (Courtesy of @xiang_dang/Instagram)


In addition, Houtou Mountain Deck is a highly recommended spot where you can immerse in the panoramic view of Puli Township during the day, at dusk and at night.

地址|How to get there :南投縣埔里鎮知安路90號|No. 90, Zhi’an Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County

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