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Pingtung’s Min Park reopened on Feb. 5 after the completion of its second phase of renovation. Located on the former site of Taiwan Sugar Corporation’s pulp mill, the park has turned the former industrial site into a major attraction in southern Taiwan.


The first phase of Min Park’s construction was completed in 2018. It served as one of the exhibition venues for the Taiwan Design Expo in 2019.

The second phase of the project took more than five years to revitalize the remains of the pulp mill, which had been abandoned for 27 years.

With the 86-meter wide corridor alongside the river, the park has become a secret garden for locals. 

▲此次改造由景觀設計師李如儀率領團隊操刀,將塵封20多年的紙漿廠儲放蔗渣的備料地坑及污水沉澱池重新規劃,活化整體空間。| The renovation was led by landscape designer Li Ju-yi who revitalized the pulp mill’s 20-year-old bagasse storage pit and wastewater treatment pond. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)


The renovation was led by landscape designer Li Ju-yi, who revitalized the pulp mill’s 20-year-old bagasse storage pit and wastewater treatment pond.


The design team has preserved the 6-meter-deep pit and transformed it into an underground photo-op spot where you can take photos and feel the building’s history.

▲地坑深達6公尺 | The design team has preserved a 6-meter-deep pit. (Courtesy of Pingtung Government)
▲塵封20多年的紙漿廠儲放蔗渣的備料地坑 | The 6-meter-deep pit used to be a place for bagasse storage.  (Courtesy of Pingtung Government)


There are eight wastewater treatment ponds. The design team has retained five of them, each has different functions.

The five ponds are named “Bouncing Circle” and “Circle of Sandbox” (No. 1 + No. 2 pond), “Serenity Circle,” “Circle of Water” and “Amphitheater.”

▲雙園遊憩 | Bouncing Circle / Circle of Sandbox (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)


The first two ponds are smaller in size, with equipment for kids such as a sandpit and a trampoline. It is suitable for both parents and children who want to enjoy some relaxing time together.


The third pond, “Serenity Circle” features a circular roof with full mirror reflection and benches. It is a good place for you to relax and have a picnic.

▲秘境花園 | Serenity Circle (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)


The fourth pond boasts a walkway in the middle of the pond.

If you take a look outside the pond, people on the walkway seem to be walking on water. This is also the best place to take pictures of your reflection in the water.

▲在水一方 | Circle of Water (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)


The last pond was transformed into an amphitheater with a sunken stage.

Alongside the theater, there is an “Observation Tower” where you can overlook the whole park as well as the sunken theater.

▲地景劇場 | Amphitheater (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)
▲地標塔 | Observation Tower (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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