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Follow Me To 網紅夫妻 超完美居家隔離牽手照


▲Catching up on some reading is also suggested by the Instagram couple (Screengrab from Murad Osmann’s Instagram)



2019新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19疫情延燒,許多國家也陸續開始要求居家隔離防疫措施,以減緩病毒擴散。 對於以旅遊為主的網紅們成了一項大挑戰,在防疫的同時以幽默方式與追蹤者分享隔離趣事。

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, governments around the world have issued mandatory social distancing measures to prevent further spread. While stuck at home, many online personalities took to humor to bear through the mandatory quarantine.

IG網紅俄羅斯攝影師Murad Osmann和妻子Nataly也加入行列,貼出一系列在家隔離的「牽手照」。

以 “Follow Me To”為噱頭,這對夫妻檔在世界各地,妻子背對鏡頭,伸手拉著丈夫的系列照片得到網友熱烈回應,跑遍全球的他們也曾以台北101為背景在台拍攝了一系列的浪漫牽手照。

Instagram influencers, Murad Osmann and wife, Nataly, most famous for their romantic hand-holding pictures taken in exotic vacation spots, including Taipei 101, have also joined in by taking a series of their signature “Follow Me To” photos, right at home.

▲The “Follow Me To” couple had visited Taiwan in 2017 (Screengrab from Murad Osmann’s Instagram)


The couple posted photos with captions that advised their 4 million followers just what they can do at home to pass the time and combat the virus, simultaneously.


In one pic, Nataly can be seen looking through their washing machine into a “blue sky” that was photoshopped in to make it look as if she’s traveling on a plane.

▲Nataly looking through the washing machine at home (Screengrab from Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

Osmann 也 PO 出與老婆在家運動、從冰箱找食物的照片,因為政府管制,許多健身房和餐廳目前都關閉中。

Osmann also posted photos of his wife exercising at home and scouring the fridge for food to eat, as many gyms and restaurants are now closed per the government’s regulations.

▲Doing yoga is advised by the couple for others staying at home (Screengrab from Murad Osmann’s Instagram)

▲Nataly looking for food in the fridge (Screengrab from Murad Osmann’s Instagram)


In addition, they advised followers to catch up on some reading while staying at home.


The couple also shared some of their tips on virus-prevention during this time, including avoiding crowded spaces, having food delivered and washing hands.

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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