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居家隔離小孩在家亂 父母爆笑一籮筐「神招」解決!




To prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many schools worldwide have been suspended leading to parents having to work from home while taking care of their kids.

This turned out to be a nightmare for many as cooped out children began acting out and creating a mess at home. The harassed parents took to the Internet to share their children’s antics, and the photo compilations soon went viral.

▲我知道新冠病毒很可怕。但當你在家工作時,後方廚房餐桌上會出現一個穿著蜘蛛人裝的四歲小孩。|I Know The C-Virus Is Scary, But Try Working With A 4 Year-Old Dressed Like Spiderman Perched On The Kitchen Table Behind You is not easy.(Courtesy of Puddinhead2U)

▲或許我不應該把在家自學外包出去… | Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Outsourced My Home-Schooling. (Courtesy of kmascasa)

▲居家隔離第三天。我的小孩開始施法了 | Day 10 Of Quarantine. I Think My Kid Is Up To Something (Courtesy of case2000)
▲早上散步看到這個… | Came Across This On My Morning Walk. (Courtesy of Angus-Mackenzie)
▲身為父母在家工作… | Working from Home as a parent. (Courtesy of Bufger)

▲我小孩昨天自己剪頭髮,而且他同意把頭髮回復正常之前,讓我好好玩弄一下。| My kiddo cut his hair yesterday, then agreed to let me have a little fun with it before we fixed it (Courtesy of KThingy)

▲在家工作 | Working from home (Courtesy of redditnihilist)

看到家裡滿地都是綠色顏料,只能含淚清理這一切了 | Using My Tears To Clean The Crusted Green Paint Speckled All Over Our House (Courtesy of kenzmunson)

六週假期的第二天,我小孩已經把電視弄壞了 | Day 2 Of 6 Week Break And My Kid Already Broke Our TV (Courtesy of thatoneperson1000)

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