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Eslite Xinyi Store will become the next 24-hour bookstore in Taipei, Eslite Spectrum announced on Thursday. The popular bookstore will start its 24-hour trial on May 29, two days before another 24-hour Dunnan store officially closes.


Wu Min-chieh, chairman of Eslite Spectrum Corp., expressed hopes that the new 24-hour bookstore can “be noticeable to every reader,” providing a range of books that meets the demands of thousands of readers.


“Eslite Dunnan bookstore is like a rose in every reader’s heart. Although we all have one, each person has his or her unique rose,” Wu said, adding that the Dunnan store is a place she will never be able to say goodbye.

▲誠品董事長吳旻潔親自出席記者會公布,誠品新24小時書店確定將落腳於信義店,並於5月29日開始試營運。|Wu Min-chieh, chairman of Eslite Spectrum Corp., announced Thursday Eslite Xinyi Store will become the next 24-hour bookstore in Taipei. (NOWnews)


Xinyi store, which opened in 2006 sitting nearby Taipei City Hall metro station, is located at the economic and cultural center of Taipei city.


Xinyi store has more than 170,000 books and its space is 2.5 times larger than the Dunnan store. What’s more, there is a music shop, and a supermarket opening 24 hours inside the building. In the late night, you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy cocktail at the Eslite Xinyi store. This new bookstore will be turned into a day and night reading museum.

▲誠品信義店|Eslite Xinyi store. (Courtesy of Eslite Bookstore)


Most people don’t know but Eslite Dunnan Bookstore, which is open 24/7 since 1990, will close on May 31. As the first 24-hour bookstore in the world, the Dunnan store was praised by CNN as one of the “coolest bookstores in the world.” It has since become one of the cultural landmarks of Taiwan.


In 1989, the first Eslite bookstore was located on the Ren’Ai Roundabout in Taipei. In 1995, the bookstore was relocated to the present address. After announcing its plans to move to the new location, Eslite Bookstore received feedback from readers, among which someone wrote: “Why can’t we have a bookstore that runs every day 24 hours.”


As of Dec. 31, 2019, the Eslite Dunnan bookstore had been open for over 186,000 hours without closing, setting a world record for bookstores. Over the past 30 years, Eslite has gradually developed into a comprehensive cultural space with a performance hall, movie theaters, and galleries.

Meanwhile, it has pursued a hybrid business model — combining traditional bookstores and shopping malls — that has made local brands in Taiwan come under the spotlight. Still, the core focus is on promoting reading, that would never change.

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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