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日本超狂單車防盜神物爆紅 網友傻眼:用後誰想偷?



Though Japan is a relatively low-crime country, petty crimes still do occur on a day-to-day basis; one of which is bicycle theft. To solve this problem a local Japanese retailer decided to design “bird poop stickers” to deter thieves from stealing bikes.

日本網路店舖Village Vanguard近期推出了「鳥大便防盜貼紙」,設計精緻到不只畫出了白色部分,連裡面摻雜的黑色固態雜質都繪出來。

Village Vanguard recently released the “Bird Poo Crime Prevention Stickers” which are rubber stickers designed to look exactly like bird poop, right down to the solidified black matter that usually accompanies the white runny part.

▲Photos courtesy of Village Vanguard

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