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網瘋傳台灣鈔票最美風景 老外拍攝技巧曝光引熱議



Money bills often feature a nation’s most significant landmarks and leaders, and Taiwan is no exception. Against this backdrop, a Taiwan-based foreigner recently posted on Reddit two pictures featuring NT$100 and NT$1,000 Taiwan bills alongside their real-life scenery.



The Reddit user, nicknamed @IB-45, holds a half-folded NT$100 Taiwanese bill, which perfectly aligns with the building in the background, leading many to question whether the picture is real.

An enthusiastic netizen kindly explained that the building is actually the Chung-shan Hall located in Taipei’s Yangmingshan and added that the other side of the bill features the Republic of China’s (Taiwan) founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen.


When asked by netizens how he managed to perfectly align the bill without the picture getting blurry, he responded: “[It was] no hassle at all. I just took a photo of the building and another photo of me holding the bill and then lined them up using Photoshop.”

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