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A Thai cat-lover accidentally turned her cat yellow after she tried to cure its fungal infection with turmeric. The photos published on her Facebook show the poor kitten which now bears a striking resemblance to the Japanese anime character “Pikachu.”

▲Photo courtesy of @IsskndarAriffin–Photo credit @DakucingKu/Twitter

據當地媒體報導,貓咪飼主Thammapa Supamas表示一開始發現雪白色的貓身體上似乎有被感染,採取較為傳統但安全的治療方式,將整隻貓塗抹薑黃以確保沒有遺漏任何有可能遭受感染的部位。

According to local reports, Thammapa Supamas, the cat owner, claimed that she first noticed that her snow-white cat had a fungal infection so she took a more traditional approach to cure the animal by applying turmeric to its entire body.

▲(Left) @mycatYellow/Facebook (Right) @IsskndarAriffin/Photo credit @DakucingKu/Twitter


Though turmeric contains “Curcumin” which has antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, direct contact turned the animal’s fur yellow-ish.

▲Photo courtesy of @IsskndarAriffin/Photo credit @DakucingKu/Twitter


The cat’s new look has earned the love of netizens, with many drawing comparisons between the poor animal and Pikachu, leading to numerous attempts to transform the cat into a live-version of the Japanese anime.

▲Photo courtesy of @mycatYellow/Facebook
▲Photo courtesy of @mycatYellow/Facebook

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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