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台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄 老外敲碗要實體化




IKEA Taiwan recently debuted its 2021 catalog on Facebook with a creative twist by incorporating an Animal Crossing makeover on a number of its pages, leading many to ask when they can get the Nintendo-themed catalog.


In the catalog, characters and in-game items were featured with the ‘real’ catalog photo placed above it to give customers a side-by-side comparison.

Owing to the limitations posed by the games’ interior design options, humorous product substitutions were shown instead, including a stuffed dinosaur toy for a dinosaur skull from the game.

▲台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄。(圖/取自臉書IKEA Taiwan)
▲台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄。(圖/取自臉書IKEA Taiwan)


The creative design has attracted Animal Crossing fans worldwide, and foreigners from different countries have also taken to Twitter and Facebook to ask where they can acquire the catalog.


Netizens flocked to the comment section under the original post, with some expressing lament that the IKEA catalogs in their country were less interesting, and others saying they would be willing to pay whatever it takes just to get their hands on one.


As of press time, IKEA has yet to respond to customers’ enthusiastic inquiries.

▲台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄。(圖/取自臉書IKEA Taiwan)

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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