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台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄 老外敲碗要實體化



IKEA Taiwan recently debuted its 2021 catalog on Facebook with a creative twist by incorporating an Animal Crossing makeover on a number of its pages, leading many to ask when they can get the Nintendo-themed catalog.


In the catalog, characters and in-game items were featured with the ‘real’ catalog photo placed above it to give customers a side-by-side comparison.

Owing to the limitations posed by the games’ interior design options, humorous product substitutions were shown instead, including a stuffed dinosaur toy for a dinosaur skull from the game.

▲台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄。(圖/取自臉書IKEA Taiwan)
▲台灣宜家推出《動森》型錄。(圖/取自臉書IKEA Taiwan)

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