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Last week, a Reddit user put Taiwan’s NT$100 and NT$1,000 banknotes in perspective, creating heated discussions among social media users.

On Thursday, the expat posted another perfect picture of a NT$200 Taiwan bill alongside the Presidential Office Building in response to comments and suggestions.

▲The Reddit user, nicknamed @IB-45, holds a half-folded NT$100 Taiwanese bill, which perfectly aligns with the building in the background, leading many to question whether the picture is real. (Courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)


Following the previous notes taken at the Chung-shan Hall in Yangmingshan National Park and the North Peak of Yushan, the social media user went to the Presidential Office in Taipei’s Zhongzheng District, where he took a picture of a NT$200 note perfectly aligned with the building.


The creator is from Taiwan and New Zealand but he has been living in China and New Zealand. He had originally planned to study in Australia, but due to the pandemic, he was unable to go to school as planned.

“However, I’ve been using my long stay in Taiwan to thoroughly explore this lovely island nation,” he told The China Post.

▲A month ago, the author also shared a photo of a NT$1,000 bill taken from the North Peak of Mountain Jade, which sparked a heated discussion at the time. (Courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)


Different from previous photos, the creator made a particular “black-and-white” version of the NT$200 bill that gives a retro look to his photo.

這名來自紐西蘭的網友向The China Post透露,他希望強調總統府的歷史,因此才會以黑白方式呈現。

Asked about his latest photo, the creator explained that the black and white version aims to emphasize the Presidential Office Building’s unique history.

▲The creator made a particular “black-and-white” version of the NT$200 bill photo, boasting a unique look.(Courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)


“For me, it is a microcosm of Taiwan’s history,” he wrote. The current presidential office was built during the Japanese rule era but was bombed by the U.S. during World War II. After the war, the building became the Presidential Palace, he added.


The creator listed a few differences between now and the past though. There was no parking lot in front of the presidential palace, for instance. With the advent of automobiles, not only is there a parking lot, but the presidential palace is also open to the public, creating a stark contrast to the locked presidential palace under the authoritarian regime.


“This all changed when the country embraced democracy,” he concluded.

至於之後會不會挑戰大霸尖山拍攝五百鈔,這名原拍攝者接受The China Post訪問逗趣地表示,「我盡量,畢竟需要花滿多心力的。」

As to whether or not he will challenge the 500 notes in the future, the creative photographer said: “I’ll try my best. It will have to be a huge commitment.”

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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