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香港最夯隱形袋成份曝光 網友暴動:台灣很需要!


【看CP學英文】響應環保,政府、民間團體提倡減少使用不易分解的塑膠垃圾,但你有想過若塑膠袋能直接溶於水,不是一舉兩得嗎?香港一間新創公司推出環保塑膠袋「Invisible Bag」能夠輕鬆溶於80度以上的熱水,且其成分無毒不會對地球造成傷害。

In recent years, government and non-governmental organizations have been advocating for reducing the use of plastic waste. But have you ever thought that high-tech plastic bags that can dissolve in water would be a win-win situation?

A Hong Kong start-up company has launched an eco-friendly plastic bag dubbed “Invisible Bag” which can easily dissolve in hot water (above 80 degrees Celsius). More importantly, its ingredients are non-toxic and will not cause harm to the environment.

一切如何開始的呢?來自香港的Devana Ng與法籍丈夫Flavien Chaussegros熱愛越野跑,去年看到山林充滿塑膠垃圾,下定決心希望能為地球盡一份心力,減少垃圾量,因而成立公司「Distinctive Action」,提倡永續環保產品。


How did it all start? Devana Ng and her French husband Flavien Chaussegros are passionate about trail running. Last year, they saw the mountains full of plastic waste and decided to do their bit for the planet by reducing the amount of waste.

They founded a company, Distinctive Action, to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

▲香港一間新創公司推出環保塑膠袋「Invisible Bag」|A Hong Kong start-up company has launched an eco-friendly plastic bag dubbed “Invisible Bag” (Courtesy of


The Invisible Bag is made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA) together with plant-based starch, glycerin and water.

After soaking in water for a few minutes, the Invisible Bag will dissolve in hot water which will turn milky white. However, it is environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, and leaves no microplastics behind, according to the Distinctive Action’s official website.

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