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土狗幫主人提珍奶照片曝光 老外一看爆笑:無法再更台


【看CP學英文】在外國人眼中,代表台灣的東西經常不是小吃美食就是珍珠奶茶,然近日一張照片在美版PTT Reddit曝光馬上得到老外熱烈迴響,原因是這片中一隻黑色台灣土狗正坐在機車上幫主人「拿」珍珠奶茶,讓老外大讚:「無法再更台了!」

When foreigners think of Taiwan, the first things that come to mind are more often than not Taiwan delicacies and bubble milk tea.

On that note, a picture of a Formosan black dog sitting on a scooter while gripping a cup of bubble milk tea has been making rounds on Reddit recently, with many foreigners exclaiming: “Doesn’t get anymore Taiwanese than this!”


In the picture, an elderly man can be seen sitting in front of the scooter, with his loyal pet sitting behind him, dutifully holding its owner’s bubble milk tea in its jaws.

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