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台灣景點驚現全球知名MV 外國網友羨慕:我們也要!


【看CP學英文】專心工作、閱讀時不少人習慣聽著曲調平靜舒緩的lofi (low fidelity) hip hop,在台灣音樂圈日益盛行。由法國lofi音樂頻道龍頭 ChilledCow 出品的lofi hip hop系列在YouTube頻道24小時不間斷播放,不同歌曲會搭配不同的圖片,而近日ChilledCow在官方Instagram、Twitter分享粉絲製作的「台灣版lofi girl」,在網路上引起轟動。


Many people like to listen to low fidelity (LOFI) hip hop when writing homework. The music genre has become increasingly popular in Taiwan.

LOFI hip hop, produced by ChilledCow, the leader of the French LOFI music channel, is available on YouTube 24 hours a day, with different pictures for each song.

Recently, ChilledCow shared their “Taiwanese Lofi girl” on their official Instagram and Twitter page, attracting much attention from worldwide fans.

lofi hip hop每首曲子所搭配的圖片中,總是有一位女孩拿著一支筆,專注地讀書。隨著不同的音樂會替換不同情境。近日官方釋出由IG網友@ameily_with_an_a 創作的台灣版本,背景設在九份,一位女孩專著旗袍,在燈籠照耀下專心讀書,而窗外風景則是九份的歷史建築。

In the pictures coming with each Lofi hip hop song, there is always a girl holding a pen, concentrating while reading a book. The backgrounds of the picture will change in accordance with different soundtracks.

The official release of the Taiwanese version, created by Instagram user @ameily_with_an_a, is set in Jiufen.

The picture shows a girl in a cheongsam studying under a lantern, and the scenery outside the window seems like the historical buildings in Jiufen.


The picture is full of oriental elements, such as the brush in the girl’s hand, Chinese brush painting of peony, the lanterns, the teapot, and more.

ChilledCow在PO文中表示,非常感謝這位粉絲分享創作,能看到Lofi Girl出現在不同的地點,展現多元文化真的很棒。

ChilledCow thanked the fans for sharing the fantastic work and said that it’s great to see LOFI Girl being shown in different cultures and locations.

lofi曲風 是low fidelity的縮寫,字面上為「低保真」的意思,意指由較低等級的錄音設備製作而成,卻能產生一種獨特、隨興自由的音樂風格。

LOFI is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible.

原文自 《The China Post

The China Post

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