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老外不解台灣書店一片漆黑 店員曝背後原因超暖心



Bookstores often evoke a sense of peace and quietness where book-lovers can freely roam between shelves. Would the same be true in a pitch-black bookstore though?


A recent post on Reddit shows a Taiwan bookstore immersed in the darkness where lights only illuminate books, tables and other merchandise, leaving many foreigners bewildered.

▲The Wuguan Bookstore in Kaohsiung. (Photo courtesy of @u/JoeyKaotykGWC


The dimly lit picture evoked numerous responses from the members and friends of the foreign community who questioned the bookstore’s real intentions, with one commenting “It’s all fun and games until someone falls over and slams their face on the table.”


The bookstore is actually the “Wuguan Bookstore” (無關實驗書店) located in Kaohsiung, Pier 2.

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