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A Taiwanese dad shared on Oct. 30 a video of his daughter’s “headless” costume which was so realistic that it sparked discussions online and caught the attention of Singaporean media.


The father, who lives in Tainan, called his daughter a “headless ghost” on the Facebook video in which he explained that he explained that the outfit was made by the girl’s mother, Anita.

On top of the costume, onlookers could read the sign “candy entrance.” With such a scary outfit and creative makeup, there is little wonder that the girl’s costume has drawn much attention, gaining over 18,000 shares and nearly 5,000 likes.


The Singaporean media reported on Monday praised the “girl in Taiwan (who) has won Halloween with a frightening ‘headless’ costume.”

▲網友「小桃爸」分享女兒小桃的「斷頭鬼」裝扮,逼真造型在網路上掀起討論 | A Taiwanese father shared his daughter’s “headless” costume, which was so realistic that it sparked discussions online. (Courtesy of Stoprain Wang/Facebook)


The report said that the girl’s costume, which was made by her mother, has attracted the stares of some curious onlookers.

It also quoted the girl’s father as saying “his daughter really can act and several younger kids were really afraid to get close to her.”


In response to the news, many social media users praised her creative costume.

One wrote: “She should be in the next conjuring 3 film, she will be way scarier than The Nun.”

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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