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攝影師外拍巧遇3隻野生山貓 好奇凝視空拍機:有怪鳥!


來自美國明尼蘇達州的攝影師麥可Mike Mayou日前到郊外進行空拍機取景時,意外吸引3隻小山貓靠進駐足,牠們不僅好奇地觀察麥可的空拍機,甚至還會擺姿勢讓麥可拍照,網友看了都驚呼:「根本是捕獲野生網美!」。


攝影師麥可在郊外取景時,意外遇見3隻山貓好奇著他的空拍機(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)

山貓們有天生的保護色,與背景完全融合(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)

山貓:咦?有人在拍照?(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)

山貓:聽說網美都不看鏡頭的……(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)


山貓:這隻「鳥」看起來怪怪的,新品種?(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)

這個「團體照」姿勢也太專業啦!(圖/FB@Mike Mayou)


Yesterday afternoon, as I was out on a photography adventure, I stumbled upon a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Down by the St. Louis River, I noticed a few creatures moving across the ice. After flying a drone over to investigate, I discovered that there were three bobcats venturing together! These cats were very comfortable being up close and personal with the camera, thus this footage. It’s quite rare for humans to see bobcats in the wild, but the drone allowed me to interact with these animals in a unique way. Enjoy!

EDIT: I have purposefully chosen to not answer any questions asking for the specific location these were shot at to protect these animals from the potential of being bombarded by hoards of people. In addition, I would like to mention the ethics of filming wildlife with drones. As we all know, drones can potentially scare animals, especially if the drones are larger in size and get close to the creatures. After looking into the ethics of drone photography around wildlife, I realized I may have gotten too close to the bobcats for comfort, and looking back, I would not have gotten as close as I did. If the behavior of the animal changes, the drone is too close. While taking the video and photos of the cats, I attempted to maintain distance until one actually approached the drone. I will add that this wasn’t a planned drone flight and I wasn’t near the cats for more than a few minutes total.

Mike Mayou 發佈於 2020年12月17日 星期四


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