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As the weather turns cold, many may opt to buy ingredients from supermarkets and go home to cook a hot meal instead of standing in line to wait for restaurant seating.


One such person decided to do just that but took homemade meals to a whole other level.

根據臉書一位新興小廚Minmin Chang表示,她在逛全聯時看到了蝦仁、豬絞肉、芹菜,並將他們快快買回家,躲到暖氣房內創造出一盤超精緻「金魚蝦餃」。

According to a Facebook post shared by Minmin Chang, she bought shrimp, minced pork and celery, after work and rushed home to the warmth of her heater to create an incredible platter of realistic “goldfish dumplings.”

▲The goldfish dumplings are made of shrimp, minced pork and celery. (Photo courtesy of Minmin Chang/Facebook)


Chang explained that she remembered watching her mother cut shrimp into pieces when she was younger and embarked on her therapeutic journey of making the “goldfish.”



By mixing the shrimp pieces with minced pork, celery and some leftover Chinese water chestnuts, Chang made the dumpling skins from scratch which she claimed didn’t take too much time.


After two hours, she finished her masterpiece and shared the fruits of her labor with social media users to an overwhelmingly positive response.

▲After two hours, she finished her masterpiece and shared the fruits of her labor with social media users to an overwhelmingly positive response. (Photo courtesy of Minmin Chang)


Most commented that they could never accomplish something like that in a million years while others tagged their friends jokingly to say they should eat it to make up for their weak brain (the term “goldfish brain” is used to poke fun at someone with who is forgetful).


The post also garnered the attention of members of the foreign community, with one alarmed Facebook user asking why someone would want to eat “Ponyo,” the magical fish princess in Hayao Miyazaki’s 2008 film.

▲The “goldfish dumplings”. (Photo courtesy of Minmin Chang/Facebook)


Most social media users admitted they were thoroughly impressed as one dramatically responded, “I’m at my knees just looking at your goldfish dumplings.” Meanwhile, another asked, “did it look like fish swimming when you cooked it?”


The post has since garnered around 31,000 likes with over 6000 comments and 26,000 shares on Facebook.

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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