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Online shopping has become more and more convenient in recent years, you can fill up your shopping cart without moving an inch from your comfortable home.


However, the biggest risk online shopping poses is the inability to personally try on clothes; therefore, one will just have to believe and hope that the size they bought would be a perfect fit.


One Taiwanese social media user found herself the poor casualty of an online-shopping experience gone bad, as she shared the results on the internet to social media users’ amusement.


In her post, she revealed both the pictures of what she thought she bought, and what she really received.


The original photo posted by the seller showed a skin-tight, light blue, mini dress, which fit the model to perfection.

▲A Taiwanese woman was furious after receiving what she thought was a sexy minidress, that turned out to barely fit over her leg. (Photo courtesy of 爆廢1公社/Facebook)


However, the social media user shared the final photo of her trying it on, which saw the small garment barely fitting her one leg.

She angrily commented on her photo: “Seller vs. Buyer. I should really leave a bad review.”


The photo garnered many laughs from other social media users as one commented that it looked like a cast on her leg, and asked whether the seller forgot to include a cane to go with the “look.”


Another compared the dress to the long-sleeved gloves usually worn by scooter-riders in Taiwan.


Others also suggested buying two of the dresses as it would be best to have two “leg warmers” for winter.

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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