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Parents with babies pay attention! Don’t miss this “cabbage-shaped baby swaddle” that has recently become a hit on Twitter.

以食物為發想的日本創意募資平台「 Supermarket Kakamu」近日推出白菜造型嬰兒裝,將翠綠可口的大白菜裹住白嫩嫩的嬰兒,令人看了垂涎欲滴,萌度破表。

“Supermarket Kakamu,” a Japan-based creative fund-raising platform, recently launched an adorable cabbage patch baby outfit that wraps your baby child in a cabbage swaddle, making it mouth-watering.

Supermrket Kakamu官網引述發想人的創作靈感提到,當他將大白菜放在磅秤上時,它重達3,600克。

Supermarket Kakamu’s official website quotes the creator’s inspiration mentioning that when he put the cabbage on the scale, it weighed 3,600 grams.


The inspiration for the cabbage swaddle comes from the creator’s past memories of cabbages.


After the outfit took Twitter by storm, some Japanese social media users said the baby outfit made them think of delicious cabbage rolls.

Meanwhile, some said that they are interested in buying this super cute baby outfit.

▲有日本網友表示baby裝讓他想到美味的高麗菜捲 | Japanese social media users said the baby outfit made them think of delicious cabbage rolls.(Courtesy of @Kusabo_ya/Twitter)


Unfortunately, the cabbage baby clothes have not yet officially hit the shelves, and parents who want to buy cabbage baby clothes may have to wait a little longer.

Supermrket Kakamu早前曾推出「不能吃的食物」系列商品引爆話題,例如花生造型藍芽耳機、吐司寢具、生薑毛衣等等。

The crowdfunding platform has displayed a series of “inedible food” products, such as peanut-shaped Bluetooth earphones, comfy bread bedding, ginger sweater and more.

▲吐司寢具 | Comfy bread bedding (Courtesy of Supermarket KakamuI)
▲生薑毛衣 | ginger sweater (Courtesy of Supermarket KakamuI)

原文自《The China Post

The China Post

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