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Following in the footsteps of senior influencer Moon Lin, Wan Ji and Sho-Er, an elderly couple from Taichung, have become an overnight sensation on Instagram.

Their account, which was created less than a month ago, has already accumulated over 50,000 followers, of which over 14,500 followers are foreigners.

These followers are also sharing the couples’ retro outfits on Reddit and other social media platforms, making them one of the most trendy and charming couples in the world.


Wanji and Sho-Er, aged 83, 84, have been married for 60 years. They have run “Wan Sho Laundry” in Taichung’s countryside for nearly 70 years.

However, the grandson couldn’t bear to see his grandma and grandpa getting bored at work, and wanted to make use of the many clothes that customers have abandoned in the shop of the last decades.

To this end, he decided to create an Instagram account for grandparents through which he shared their daily outfits.

▲高齡80多歲的網紅爺奶萬吉、秀娥在IG爆紅|Wan Ji (right) ; Sho-Er (left), an elderly couple, became an overnight sensation after their Instagram account was created one month ago. (Courtesy of Instagram/@wantshowasyoung)

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